I am a freelance data analyst and reasearcher, formerly with the Forensic DNA lab, University of the Western Cape.

In the field

Current Work

I work primarily in the intersection of genomics, anthropology and forensics but often my team and I venture with our genomics/informatics toolkits into conservation and evolutionary biology.

Here are some of our projects:

Interactions and Dynamics of the Bantu-KhoeSan Communities during the Bantu-language Expansion

In this project we investigate how the change in population dynamics may have impacted the interactions between hunter-gatherer and farming communities during the expansion of Bantu-speakers across Southern Africa.

Ancestry and Heritage of the South African “Coloured” People

Genomic History of the the Southern African Baphuthi

Under review but the BioRxiv pre-print is available.

Future Work

If you want to chat about possible projects, please get in touch!

About My Work

Researcher, Environmentalist, Bioinformatician

I am a research-enthusiast and a fan of the scientific process. You can see my work on my ORCID and UpWork profiles. I am a freelance data analyst and researcher with an interest in genomics, conservation and statistics. I got my bachelors in Zoology and Botany at Rhodes University, where I spent most of my time working on conservation projects. I wanted to work more in analytical and genetic research so I spent my masters under Dr Tolley and DPhil under Dr Capelli studying gene flow and admixture in animals and people. [Read More]